Asmira Halilovic

I'm a mom to two kids 4 and 8 who keep me busy with school,gymnastics,swimming ect.
Keeping up with them is fun but doesn't seem so crazy anymore now that they're growing up and off to school.
So I thought time for a little me time, I decided to take my health seriously and get my body back!
I was looking for a way to get back in shape and I just dreaded the thought of going back to the gym.
I was surfing the internet one day and I came across Chanceformations......and thought why not I'll try it.

I joined Chanceformations back in July 2012 and usually make it out 3 times a week.
It has literally changed my life, sounds dramatic but it's true. My whole outlook on "workingout"
has completely changed. I used to think working out was a chore and of course I never had time....right!
I started coming to these classes seriously optimistic about what I could achieve, the more I went the
more changes I saw, I was hooked. Not only did my weight change which is down 24 pounds since I started but with
my whole attitude about everything, I'm definetly a happier person. The people that are @ Fitcamp every night
are awesome. The trainers Chance, Teressa & Carol are great, super friendly and fun!
I Love Fitcamp and I am so happy I discovered Chanceformations!
Asmira Halilovic