Allie Foss


There comes a moment in every woman’s life when you realize your body isn’t the same as it was in your 20’s and you need to work twice as hard just to maintain it. I had always used sports as a way to stay fit and weight was never really an issue. I played team sports year round and believed that I could eat and drink what I wanted as long as I was active. At the age of 30 I decided I needed to pick up a new sport and decided to try Australian football. It’s a full contact sport and I ended up with an injury that sidelined me for over 6 months. I stopped running and participating in any form of exercise. I started feeling softer and began to notice that my clothes weren’t fitting so great anymore. I realized I needed to back away from the ice cream and get moving again.


My bank account made it appear that I was working out month after month but I rarely made it to the gym. When I did go I wasn’t pushing myself at the level that I needed to be working out at and was spending my time catching up on celebrity gossip magazines and drinking protein shakes instead of putting in a real effort. I was sick of paying over $70 a month for something I was barely utilizing and definitely not seeing any results from. I needed a change.


My friend had been attending Chanceformations Fitcamp for over a year and seemed to be loving it. She coerced into going to my first class and I only paid for a single drop in session because I doubted I would like it. I’m not going to lie and say that the class was easy or that any of the classes have been easy. I will say that it’s been a few months and I’m hooked! I strangely look forward to each class and enjoy the challenges. It’s such a positive vibe and I feel stronger after each class. I love how motivating the instructors are and I feel like I get a full body workout every time. The classes are affordable, I can sign up online, and the times are convenient for my schedule. I have no excuses not to go! I’m still working towards my fitness goals but I truly believe that this is a program I can stick with- now if someone could just make ice cream and beer not taste so good!