I’m 29 years old, work full time and have 2 children, ages 3½ and 1½. I have been heavy as long as I can remember, and genetics is definitely not on my side. I have struggled to lose weight most of my adult life, but not for lack of trying. I’ve had a gym membership for many years, and have done group exercise classes. I’ve tried reading a couple books and attempted their programs. I believe that I eat pretty healthy – there is no fast food and little junk food in my diet. I was on Weight Watchers and successfully lost the baby weight after my first child, but then got pregnant again and after my second child I didn’t want to attend the weekly meetings. I tried the online program and had no success. Then I started with Chanceformations.

Success: I started going to Fitcamp twice a week in November of 2010. Since then I have lost 35 pounds, but more importantly 6 pants sizes! Chance taught me not to worry so much about the weight, but on my measurements and fitness assessments. I have tripled the amount of time I can do a plank, and have graduated from modified push-ups to the full ones. My first workout with Chance, he was able to point out my weak areas and correct my form. I was shocked to learn that I had been doing squats wrong for almost 10 years (don’t worry, Chance soon fixed that). He could tell when I was struggling, and just when I was about to drop out of my plank, he knelt down beside me, reminded me of my goals, and gave me the motivation I needed to dig in a little deeper and push out of my comfort zone. That was a turning point for me, because I knew that Chance was committed to me and in addition to doing it for myself and my family, I didn’t want to let him down.

Struggles: My biggest struggle has always been consistency. I am more motivated by group exercise classes than working out on my own, but I find it hard to fit exercise into my day. I tried signing up for lunchtime classes at work, but things kept coming up. I tried going in the evenings, but found that my kids wanted my attention and I felt guilty for leaving. Finally, I figured out the formula that works for me. It has to be part of my routine, like brushing my teeth – a non-negotiable. The best time that works for me is the 5:15am classes. There are no excuses – I pack my work clothes in my gym bag the night before and lay out my workout clothes. Most mornings I am in my gym clothes before I am even fully awake. Even better is when I learned about Visalus. Now I make a Shake at night, leave it in the fridge, and I have a healthy on-the-go breakfast ready and waiting in the morning. It’s an exhilarating feeling leaving a morning Fitcamp, knowing that I have already done my exercise for the day.

Exercise Regime: In mid-June I decided to break from the morning Fitcamps for the summer so that I can focus on riding my bike to work. I try to do 2 long rides a week (approx. 50 min each way) and 2 short rides (approx 25 min each way). I am also trying to do 1-2 evening Fitcamps a week, but am struggling a bit with consistency. And I fit in a Zumba class whenever possible, because it is so much fun!

Short Term Goals: My goal at the beginning of each month is to lose 5 pounds, but I don’t worry too much if I don’t make it, because I’m seeing results in other areas. I’m also working my way up to 10 full push ups. I recently reached my goal of a 1 min. plank, and haven’t set a new goal yet. I’m trying to push myself on my bike to get my ride down to 45 min by the end of summer.

Long Term Goals: I don’t have an ultimate goal weight. I am just going to keep going until I am as Fit as I can be. I want to be healthy. At the beginning, I set a goal to be out of plus size clothing, and last time I went shopping, I was thrilled to discover I had achieved that goal.

What works for me: Keeping a food journal, morning workouts, cutting out evening snacks (or limiting to veggies only) , drinking water or hot tea instead of eating, planning meals a week a time, Visalus shakes, and Chanceformations!