Julie Parkinson

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOU WILL SUCCEED! These words did not mean that much to
me before May 5th 2012. On my babies 1st birthday I uploaded the pictures and thought, WOW
Julie how did you let yourself get this big!! I wanted to delete all the pictures but for some reason
I stopped myself. It was in that moment that I decided to make some major changes in my life.

How did I get that big??? I have never been super skinny, but in 2001 I broke my back, sternum
and 2 ribs, when I got bucked off a horse. I was on bed rest for 2 months and gained 75-80lbs.
I tried to lose the weight but was not successful. In 2004 I went back to University to become
a Teacher. I ate like crap and gained more weight. I got engaged in 2006 and started to lose
weight so I would look good on my wedding day, only to find out 5 months later that we were
going to be parents sooner than later! I started working out after my son was born and managed
to lose 20lbs before the wedding. Since then I have had 2 more babies and was still carrying the
baby weight. Until May 5th!!!!

On May 6th I made changes to my diet and downloaded myfitnesspal on my iPod. I also
downloaded a couch to 10K app! I was very motivated. I bought a scale and weight myself
for the first time. I cried when I saw the number 255lbs! I was bigger than my husband! I
started working out and was losing weight FAST!! 20lbs gone just like that, then another
19lbs! Everything came to a sudden stop and for 2 weeks I weighed 216lbs and could not lose
anymore. I wanted to give up, but then I got a Groupon email for a 6 week boot camp. I bought it
and thought that for $35.00 I would go and if I hated it I would quit!

On September 11th I went to my first Fitcamp. I was not surprised to see that I was the biggest
lady there, but not one person judged me. My first goal was to say that I had lost 50lbs and
once I reached that goal my next was to have a 1 in front of my number. Well guess what?? On
October 6th I was able to say I DO!!! I am 197lbs. Is that where I want to be?? NO! Is it a huge
success?? YES

I am so glad that I am getting healthy for my three precious sons! They inspire and motivate me
every day. I can run and play with them without feeling like I’m going to die! My husband is also
great! He encourages me and tells me I’m looking sexy even though I was sexy before I started
losing weight!

I keep making small goals to achieve to keep motivated. Once I had a 1 in front of my numbers I
set my next goal to be Fitcamper of the Month. I know that it may seem silly to some, but it was
something I really wanted. Well I have reached another goal! I cried when I read the message
from Chance asking me to share my story and be this month’s Fitcamper.

I could not have done this without Chance, Carol, Teresa, and all the other Fitcampers!!! You
motivate me every class, and push me that little but further because you know that I have
it in me! Thanks so much for believing in me when I no longer believed in myself. I love the
workouts, the friends I have made, the times classes are held, the cost of Fitcamp and most of
all the Trainers!! I BELIEVE in myself again and if I can do it, so can YOU!!!