Linda Liu

Hi my name is Linda and I hate working out!  


I am a stay at home mum who has been blessed with two wonderful children ages 7 and 4 and wife to a very supportive and loving husband.  I used to be a Production Manager for an entertainment company, and now find I have the job title of “slave to my children.” 


I have joined gyms, where I would attend because I had paid the dues, but would never really push myself too hard.  I have taken running courses, which were great, but once the course was over, I would never run.  I have done bootcamps, have been given

at-home workouts and probably have enough information now, that I could get together with some friends and we could run our own workout.  But I won’t, I would much rather go for a coffee (or glass of wine) than workout! 


Of course, age and two children will do things to your body that you would not have foreseen coming in your twenties.  After my pregnancies, I could never lose those last 10 to 20 pounds.  My metabolism had changed (my addiction to chocolate had not), my body had changed and I found that I would have to make changes if I wanted to stay on top of my health and weight gain.  (We really should come with instruction manuals). 


What I needed was;
A fun and social environment in which to workout.
The time of the workout would have to fit my schedule.
Knowledgeable, motivating and fun instructors.


I found all of that and more at Chanceformations!  Chance, Teresa and Carol are AWESOME.  Each week/session is different, and you receive a whole body workout each time.  The instructors are very positive motivators, reminding you what your fitness goals are and encouraging you to keep them in mind while you are working out.  If the weather is nice we workout outside.  If you need to cancel a session, you can do so and NOT lose your credit.  The schedule for the workouts and length of time for each workout is perfect.  I love that it’s a social and fun environment to workout in.  Laughing during your workout, just makes it that much better. 


Thanks Chanceformations!!