Theresa Stadnyk

Hello, my name is Theresa and I’m a 32 yr old civil designer with my own contracting business.  I have 3 very energetic and wonderful boys, ages 38, 4 and 2.  I have struggled with my weight my entire life.  After having my kids and reaching 225 lbs at my heaviest (and weighing more than my husband!)  I knew I had to do something more to change my lifestyle. 

I have tried all sorts of different diets and I have every home work out video you could imagine on my shelf and of course I work out on them for a good week or even 2 weeks and then the motivation is not there or I’m too tired to do them after a day at work or full day with the kids.  I thought having two boys and running around with them would be enough to help me drop some pounds, but on the contrary, you are so focused on your kids that you put yourself on the bottom of your own priority list. 

Diets never worked for me as I love food way too much.  I found the ‘Eat Clean’ diet and have taken most processed foods out of my diet, tons of fruits and veggies and cut portion sizes.  I also had to incorporate exercise into my routine.  When a friend of mine told me about Chanceformations I thought she was crazy as the classes she was going to start at 5:15am.  But I would be home by 6:30am when my husband leaves for work.  I gave it a try and have loved it ever since.  It’s great to get a workout done in the morning and be home in time to shower before the kids even get up.  I have more energy now and feel great!

The classes are just what I need as well.  Every class is different, you get a great cardio workout as well as weights which I need and love to incorporate.  The class sizes are just big enough to keep you motivated and push you that extra rep, as well as to allow the instructor to correct your form or push you to do more!  At the beginning of each month they do a fitness test so you can track your progress, and in only 1 month I have almost doubled what I was doing on my first day!!  Right now I am 15 lbs away from my goal weight.  I know I have a lot more work ahead of me but I feel like I have a great support team now.  I wish I would have discovered Chanceformations earlier as it’s just the thing I needed to keep me going and help me reach my weight loss goals! 


Theresa Stadnyk


PS.  Chance rocks!  ;)