Julie Baratta

Hello! My name is Julie Baratta and I have been attending Fitcamp since January 2012 and loving it.

Born and raised in London, Ontario, I moved to Calgary in 2004 to pursue a fine arts degree at the Alberta College of Art + Design. I have always had a relatively active lifestyle playing school sports, gymnastics, fishing with my family, travelling and enrolling various volunteer activities, but now the older I get the harder it is to make time for myself.

After losing my father to a heart attack in the fall of 2004, I realized just how important it is to take care of yourself. With a long family history of coronary heart disease, it is increasingly important for me to maintain a well balanced, low stress but active lifestyle.

After graduating from ACAD in 2009, I left my full time studio practice silkscreening textiles, and joined the workforce. Although I am loving my job of 3 years, it has been a difficult adjustment, having to make concerted efforts to get up and away from my desk. The last few years have been challenging, trying to stay active by enrolling myself in group classes, yoga and partaking in lunchtime runs, while maintaining my full-time professional and part-time artistic practice.

My goal for this year is to continue with my current 2 days/week exercise routine, and want to encourage my friends and boyfriend to do the same. I am feeling very positive about my success so far and look forward to an active year ahead!