Heather Nail

Hi! My name is Heather Nail and I love working out! Yes - I am that keener who shows up with a smile and wants a little extra challenge in my fitcamp classes, but it wasn't always this way.

I had always been fairly active growing up, but as I got married, had babies and went back to a demanding full time teaching job, living an active lifestyle was not a top priority. I might have tried occasionally to go to the gym, but any excuse would keep me at home (too hot, too cold, too much laundry, too many good TV shows to watch, etc.). Looking at photos from those days made me want to change things and get back into shape, or in my wildest, most superficial dreams, look hot in a bikini!

After a change of eating habits, a couple of runs with my lazy 70 pound dog and two fitcamp sessions a week, I have trimmed down that flab and am amazed at what my body can do. I actually crave exercise and get cranky if I miss a workout. Maybe it's just getting out of the house away from my crazy but lovely family that inspires me to show up week after week! In any case, fitcamp sessions are written on the calendar in ink and are not to be missed.

The best feeling is setting a strong example for my two young daughters. By taking the focus off what your body looks like, I can show them it's more important to focus on what your body can do. A plank for 6 minutes and 45 full push ups is something to be proud of! I ran a 10km race this past June seven minutes faster than I did when I ran in high school! My little girls ran with me for part of the race, and I hope that we can continue to enjoy being active together and having a positive body image through the tough teenage years that are inevitably coming.

I love Chanceformations because it fits into my busy schedule, the sessions are affordable, the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but mostly I get to sweat it out and laugh with all the other great ladies working to transform their minds and bodies for the better.

Thanks Chance, Teresa and Carol!


Your an inspiration Heather! Nice work!

lookin' good Heather!! Keep on pumping and bopping!