Fitcamp at a Glance

January 28, 2014 Update

Fitcamper of the Month

My Journey
Thanks for choosing me as April’s Fitcamper of the month, I was so excited when you told me!!
Until I thought, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to write. Ever. It is a journey all right...and I’m so glad to be here in your community of amazing people and type this.
I have been a “big” girl all my life. Besides being obese, I was also unhealthy. And sick. I was always ok with eating crap, and whatever and as much as I wanted. In 2004 I got bigger than I ever had been.

Class Locations & Yoga

Welcome to Fitcamp. Starting Feb.3/2014 we will adding Yoga to the mix. Yoga classes will be at our Rosemont location. Monday's at 6:30pm & Tuesday's at 9:30am. Fitcamp memberships do not have access to Yoga. You need to purchase a Living Social Yoga voucher,Yoga membership or combo membership. For Yoga please bring a yoga mat, water bottle. For Fitcamp, yoga mat, water bottle, clean/dry shoes & a set of 5 or 8lbs. dumbbells. You can purchase yoga mats through us as well. Fitcamp classes are at these locations.

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