Fitcamp at a Glance

June 29, 2014 Update

Fitcamper of the Month

My struggle with Celiac Disease

Since childhood, I can remember always having a tummy ache and inflamed skin. I was tested for

allergies but it never came to more than cats, dogs and grass. So they decided I was sensitive but it

wasn’t an issue. Fast forward to adulthood… I was convinced that I was just more sensitive to how my

body feels than other people. My doctor saw nothing unusual with my chronic dermatitis. I was so

accustomed to my stomach pain that it was little more than a dull ache throughout the day.

Class Locations

Welcome to Fitcamp. You need to bring a yoga mat, water bottle, clean/dry shoes & a set of 5 or 8lbs. dumbbells.You can purchase yoga mats through us as well. Fitcamp classes are at these locations.
- Dalhousie Community Centre (5423 Dalhart Rd Nw T3A 1V6): Tues. and Thurs. at 7pm a.
Monday & Wednesday at 7pm(Acadia Recreation Complex-240-90ave SE). Click Join Now & My Dashboard to see the class locations & times.

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